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Musedata file list

The following spreadsheet contains a list of all PDFs available on the musedata homepage. Each line references a specific file on Bitbucket that can be converted into a PDF file with muse2ps.

  • Columns labeled LEVEL_1 through LEVEL_5 are organizational levels for selecting the file in the menu on the musedata homepage. Typically level 1 will be the composer's name. Level 2 could be the work name, or a genre grouping for major groupings of composer's works.
  • The "SHORTCUT" column lists a unique shortcut string (without spaces) that represents the given file.
  • The "DATA_URL" column contains a URL to the data file which can be converted into a PDF.

    Two file types are possible: (1) files ending in .md2 are "Musedata Stage 2" files, which are symbolic representations if the music, (2) files ending in .iff are more direct representations of the graphical music. Both formats can be converted into PostScript with the muse2ps program.

  • The "WIKI_URL" column contains a URL to the CCARH wiki page related to the musical work.

The order of the entries in the spreadsheet will be preserved in the menu selection on the musedata homepage. Blank lines can be added to separate works for readability. Here is what the final rendering of the list will look like (refresh page after editing spreadsheet to view updated list):